Friday, June 6, 2008


Group – A : Portugal, Czech Republic, Turkey, Switzerland.
A1 – Portugal
A 2 – Czech Republic

Group – B : Germany, Poland, Croatia, Austria
B 1 – Germany
B 2 – Poland

Group – C : France, Italy, Netherlands, Romania
C 1 – France
C 2 – Italy

Group – D : Spain, Russia, Greece, Sweden
D1 – Spain
D 2 – Russia

Quarter finals:

1. A1 vs B2 : Portugal vs Poland : winner Portugal
2. B1 vs A2 : Germany vs Czech Republic : Winner Germany
3. C1 vs D2 : France vs Russia : Winner France
4. D1 vs C2: Spain vs Italy : Winner Spain

A) Winner of 1 vs Winner of 2: Portugal vs Germany : winner Germany
B) Winner of 3 vs Winner of 4: France vs Spain : Winner Spain

Winner of A vs Winner of B : Germany vs Spain

My winner: Germany

Michael Ballack will get his revenge of losing the Champions League final to Manchester United, beating Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal, in the semi final.
He is yet to win a big trophy and he will win it this time by beating Spain. Spain will be playing well, they have to face the same opponent they had faced two years earlier in the world cup and this time, without Zinedine Zidane, France will bow out.
Ballack versus Torres, once again and this time, Spain will fail because of the sheer weight of expectation in the final match of the tournament.
Germany will lift their fourth EURO trophy.

Player of the Tournament:
Michael Ballack

PS: I shall be the last one to be happy, if my predictions are proved right. You can ask why. I just do not like to watch a German football team on a football field. But, I respect their abilities and their fighting attitude. My football sense says, Ballack has to win it this time in absence of an individual of his stature to rock the tournament.
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